A Night At the Theater: Beauty & the Beast

A little black dress.

An enchanted rose.

A beautiful princess.

And, one enchanted little girl.

Last week, I did something a little out of the ordinary for me—I took just one of my three girls on a fancy date. We enjoyed a dinner for two, then saw Beauty and the Beast live on stage at Clowes Memorial Hall. It was a spectacular evening for so very many reasons. I don’t know why I’ve never tried it before.

Broadway Across America brings several shows to Indianapolis each year, often including Disney favorites like Mary Poppins, the Lion King and Beauty and the Beast. And, as much as I love Disney, I’ve really never had the desire to take the girls. I just wasn’t sure it would capture their attention enough to make it worth the expense & effort.

Then? I became a Twittic for @BroadwayIndy. I now have the opportunity to see a few performances throughout the season, starting with last week’s Beauty and the Beast. With a pair of free tickets, I was able to get past my concerns! The only problem then was deciding which kid to take.

I landed on the tween—she’s always been the princess of the family and even dressed as Belle for Halloween last year. She was excited but didn’t really get it at first. Mostly, she was just thrilled for a night out alone. Then, I told her to get fancy, let her pick out my outfit for the evening and took her to dinner. By the time we left, she was over the moon excited for our big evening.

From the opening note of the prelude, Brenia was hooked. It’s the same story she already knows & loves, including many of her favorite musical numbers. Her face lit the room during Be Our Guest—hello? Dancing silverware and a real, live princess! Emily Behny was truly spectacular as Belle. Plus, it was so fun to see an Indiana girl perform so beautifully. Brenia never took her eyes from the stage.

In fact, she was a little annoyed when I drew her attention away to point out the hidden Mickeys. Oh, yes—Hidden Mickeys! There were three Mickey silhouettes worked into the set throughout the show. I was thrilled to learn that a piece of Disney magic had made it’s way to Broadway—and right to my city.

It truly was a magical evening for the tween and me. I’ll be watching the schedule closely for more Disney magic. The lights, colors and fun musical numbers captured my daughter’s attention far better than I had ever imagined. Sadly, Beauty and the Beast has moved onto Florida, but the rest of the season looks pretty amazing here in Indy.

I’m looking forward to enjoying another show later in the season. I’d love to take the teen to Fiddler on the Roof. There are season ticket packages still available—one price for all three remaining shows. Tickets for Million Dollar Quartet should be on sale soon—the show opens December 13th.

Awesome Advice: Come well fed or be prepared to lose a limb—the snacks cost an arm & a leg. Souvenirs, such as show t-shirts, are also available. Theater goers will be dressed in anything from super casual to near-black tie. Wear what makes you comfortable, but feel free to indulge a little.

I received two free tickets to the opening performance of Beauty and the Beast from Indy’s Broadway Across America in exchange for promoting the event on Twitter & Facebook. However, I was neither compensated nor obligated to write this post. All opinions are, as always, 100% mine.

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