Indianapolis Fall Fun: Headless Horseman at Conner Prairie

Last Friday night the Kahunas experienced all the fun Conner Prairie has to offer during it’s annual Headless Horseman event. Every year, Conner Prairie hosts a fall celebration, complete with a hayride featuring the Headless Horseman.

Upon arrival, visitors get assigned a hayride time on a first come, first served basis. “Safe” hayrides run until 8pm, after which, things get a bit more scary. While the hayride is the main event, there’s plenty to do before and after your ride through Sleepy Hollow.

The Scare-o-ke tent features Halloween songs on the karaoke screen to sing, and the attached “glow tent” features fun with black lights. There’s a tent for featured animal shows, including Snakehead Ed and Birds of Prey. Bill Bailey has a tent full of musical fun. Guest can also experience the Pumpkin-A-Pult. Load it up, and watch the pumpkins fly! There’s even a puppet show telling the Legend of Sleepy Hollow showing every half hour.

The Kahuna kids both enjoyed the whole night, but they each had their favorite parts. The hayride ranked #1 for both- MaM (our 6 year old daughter) was glad it wasn’t that scary, and the Fox (our 3 yr old son) told us, ” I liked the horse mans.”

MaM sang karoake for the first time every in front of a group, and loved every minute of it. The Fox  LOVED Bill Bailey’s musical tent, and would have stayed there all night. We spent a full three hours exploring all that was offered at the Headless Horsemen event, and the kids would like a make a return trip ASAP.

I have to say- I’d like to visit again this season too!

Montessori Moment- Bill Bailey’s tent of musical instruments was a do-it yourself experience. He provided background music, and the children were free to choose how to participate!

Awesome Advice- The grounds at Conner Prairie are wide open to the elements. Dress for the weather (even bring an extra layer) and wear sturdy shoes (all events are on grass or gravel). Food & drinks are available for purchase.

See our Conner Prairie Info page for more information on this fantastic central Indiana resource.

Disclosure: My family was provided admission to the Headless Horseman event at Conner Prairie in exchange for this review. The fun was had was all our own!

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