Kelsay Farms October Fun

Fall in Indiana is here, and it means corn mazes, hayrides, and pumpkins. Take I-65 south out of Indy, and it can also mean weeks old baby calves, fresh milkshakes and a huge playground filled with corn.

Kelsay Farms is open to the public for October weekends, and their fall events calendar includes your typical fall activities and so much more.
When we arrived, the kids bee-lined to the moo-choo express, a tractor-pulled “train” built for little people. We’ve ridden a lot of these little trains, and this by far is the cutest I’ve seen. Each train car is decorated like a dairy cow, complete with tail!

After our train ride, the kids ran over to the straw bale mountain. This natural jungle gym featured a tractor, a huge tube for sliding, and a maze below. I think they would have played there all afternoon if we hadn’t pointed out there was more to see and do.

They then ran over to the corn crib, where they had a ball sliding, diving and digging in a huge pile of corn (picture a huge sand box filled with corn, buckets and shovels). Right outside the corn crib we found calves that were all of 23 days old, and the kids were smitten.

The kids sped past the various vendors on display- apples, farm toys, and country delights are all for sale. We ventured into the corn maze, with our fingers crossed that we’d make it out at some point.

Using the postcard map, we worked our way through the maze, and found three out of the five check points in it. After exploring the maze for about forty-five minutes, the kids were tired and focused on one thing: a milkshake.

We worked our way out of the maze, and hit the snack bar for delicious chocolate milkshakes. We had a seat in the dining tent, enjoyed some live banjo music and hit the hay-bale climbing structure one more time before call it a day.

As we were leaving, I realized we’d forgotten to take a hayride to the pumpkin patch, but the kids were none the wiser. They were both asleep by the time we got to I-65.

The Mom says: “Milkshakes and calves just make a fun day even better!”

Montessori Moment: Open ended activities outside in nature- what about this experience isn’t Montessori?!?!
Awesome Advice: The corn maze is huge, and it can take awhile. Use the postcard they give you as a guide. If a member of your family is going to insist on finding all five stations in the maze (it’s a scavenger hunt), attempt that early during your visit.
Admission: $8 per person includes all activities, 1 & under free
October Hours: Friday 6pm-10pm | Saturday noon-10pm | Sunday noon-6pm.
(Closing day is October 30th.) @KelsayFarms

Disclosure: I received tickets to experience all Kelsay Farms has to offer in October in exchange for promoting their event. The fun that we had and the milkshakes we ate were all our own.

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