Hot Wheels for Real at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

Full size Twin Mills Hot Wheels CarIt all started when I told the Fox that Hot Wheels® were coming to the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis.

“The Hot Wheels? Are coming? To the Museum!?!”


“Can we see them?”

“They will come when it’s May.”

When the calendar at preschool changed from April to May, he was very excited.

“It’s May! We can go see the Hot Wheels now!”

I had to break it to him that we had to wait until the very end of May.

We went the first minute that we could- the Member Preview Day, which was a day earlier than the exhibit opened to the public. It was worth the wait.

As we turned the corner from 30th Street onto Illinois, this is what we saw:

Hot Wheels Banner spanning the skybridge at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis

The fox nearly exploded out of his skin with excitement.

The Hot Wheels for Real exhibit is all Hot Wheels®, all the time. There are “for real” full-sized cars that are replicas of Hot Wheels® cars. There are tracks, tracks, and then some more tracks to race the cars. There are cars to pretend to drive. There’s a tracing station to trace black lines of cars. There’s a car to apply vinyl and chrome accents. The Kahuna kids played for a solid hour in the exhibit, and agreed to leave only after I promised we return soon.

What I loved about our time there is that while the exhibit had a good number children playing, everyone had enough cars. The museum purchased 3000 of them for the exhibit, and there are several hundred out on the exhibit’s tracks at a time.

Awesome Advice: Whatever you do, don’t bring in your own Hot Wheels® cars. There are more than enough cars on the tracks, and a favorite from a personal collection is bound to get los in the pack!

Montessori Moment:  The whole exhibit is filled with activities that are self-directed and open-ended. MaM really enjoyed using vinyl clings and magnetic chrome pieces on a real VW.

Hours: Mon.–Sun., 10 a.m.–5 p.m. (Closed Mondays September through February)
Admission: Youth (2–17) $11.50 | Adult (18-59) $16.50 | Senior (60+) $15.50
Membership: Family/Grandparent $125 | Family Plus Two $160 @TCMindy
3000 N. Meridian St., Indianapolis, IN, 46208

See our Children’s Museum info page for more details & events at this location.

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