Vintage Indiana: Even fun for those under 21

Summer is gearing up in Indianapolis, and my head is swimming with 101 things to do with the family this summer. I don’t know if it will equate to 101 posts or not, but seriously, there is a LOT going on in the month of June around town.

To kick things off, the Vintage Indiana Wine and Food Fest is happening on June 2. In the past, when I’ve heard radio spots for this event, I’ve wistfully wished to attend. Having children makes that hard- after paying for a babysitter, how much would be left to spend on food and wine?



How awesome is that? Kids 5 and under are free, kids 5-20 (heh) are $5, designated drivers are $10, and full-on grown-ups-there-for-wine are $22 in advance/$25 at the gate.

What kind of things will there be in the KidsZone? Go check it out. It sounds like there will be face-painting, balloons, an ice cream stand and more. There’s also live music for the whole family, and lots of local yummy food to be eatean….which all sounds good to me!

Think your family is ready to venture down to Military Park and experience it for themselves?

Take a chance and enter to win free tickets! All around Indy’s-Internet, Indiana’s Family of Farmers Ambassadors are holding giveaways for event tickets. Go leave some comments and maybe a pair of tickets will come your way!

Giveaways are currently being hosted at:


Evoked by Light

Redefining Perfect

Mom for Less

Good luck!!







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