Millennium Falcon Experience at the Indiana State Museum

We were invited to preview the Millennium Falcon Experience at the Indiana State Museum on—get this—Star Wars Day! The attraction officially opens today, as a precursor to the huge Star Wars exhibit opening Memorial Day weekend, and it is awesome!

Let me just start with this: you actually get to take a jump through hyperspace! It’s a sort of virtual reality “ride” in that you’ll feel like it’s moving, but it doesn’t actually go anywhere. It will, however, take your imagination on a journey through our own galaxy, comparing our reality with the long ago galaxy in Star Wars.

We went all out in Leia-buns and Star Wars shirts, which I’m sure our host, C3PO, totally appreciated. The kids loved the ride, we loved nostalgia, and everyone really enjoyed learning about how our real world compares with our favorite science fiction.

This attraction is $5, in addition to the regular museum admission. Of course, you could always just stop by for a ride through space. This attraction is outside the actual entrance to the museum exhibits.

Millennium Falcon Experience at the Indiana State Museum Details:

Ride Admission: $5 plus museum admission or member pass
Museum Admission: Child (3-12) $5 | Adult (13-59) $9.50 | Senior (60+) $8.50
Membership: Family/Grandparent $70 | Family/Grandparent Plus Two $100
Hours: Monday-Saturday, 10am-5pm* | Sunday, 11am-5pm.
*See ISM’s calendar for exceptions.
650 W. Washington St. Indianapolis, IN 46204

See our Indiana State Museum info page for more events at this location.

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