Murat Shrine Circus at the Indiana State Fairgrounds

I just tucked in 3 very exhausted, incredibly happy girls, who are all now convinced they can run away with the circus. If they only practice a little on our furniture first.

Tonight’s adventure was a first for our family. The girls had never been to the circus before. So when our adoption agency offered tickets to foster families, we were all over it.

When the girls discovered our surprise, they were full of questions. Will there be tigers? Do they really fly on the trapeze? Do you think someone will walk a tightrope?

Not having any memories of my own childhood trip to the circus, I had no answers. Now I can tell you.

Yes. Yes. And, yes.

There were tigers and elephants, clowns and acrobats, a tightrope, and something completely fascinating called the Wheel of Destiny. The nearly 3 hour show was absolutely enchanting. The girls were up way past their bedtime without even a peep.

I wasn’t completely sure how they would react and slightly worried the teen would be bored. So wrong — it’s been declared the Best! Night! Ever! And, each girl had her own favorite. The teen loved the comedy. The youngest is now obsessed with acrobatics. And, the tween loved every minute of it. Maybe especially the tigers. Or the elephants. Or the clowns. Or…

Maybe it was the fun we experienced at intermission. One girl sports a new tattoo officially airbrushed by an amazing acrobat at intermission. The other two now have the incredible memory of an elephant ride. An elephant. For real.

It was a truly incredible experience for all ages, and I love that it’s a memory the entire family will cherish.

With 5 more shows left in the Indy run of the 2013 Murat Shrine Circus, there’s still plenty of time for your own family to enjoy the event! Check out our event information below for tickets and details.

Awesome Advice: Set expectations on expenses before you walk through the doors. Everything outside of watching the 3 rings costs money. A lot of money. We began the evening by letting the girls know they could each choose only one ticketed activity.

Montessori Moment: Be prepared for reenactments after the show. The kids have absorbed the wonder and talents of the circus. We’re already struggling to find ways to allow them to explore this new acrobatic interest in safe ways at home.

Admission: $14 general admission/$20 reserved seating/$24 floor seating
Shows: Saturday 4/13: 10am, 2pm, 7pm; Sunday 4/14: 11:30am, 3:30pm
Murat Shrine Circus @ShrineCircus